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Various Whitecaps/Southsiders Multimedia

You need the xvid codec installed to view these files. There's no excuse for not having the codec installed!

Southsiders taking care of business:

A slideshow of various southsiders photos, back when the southide meant something.

Smoke bomb incident of 2000

2000 season opener vs the Seattle Sounders. The last smoke bomb of the night was the biggest, causing an uproar from the commentators from Seattle's KONG-TV.

Bay Area Seals 2000

Darren Tilley scores against the Bay Area Seals sending the Southsiders into a frenzy. The Southsiders spill out onto the pitch as Tilley runs into the crowd. 2000 was the pinnacle year for the southsiders as the main majority of fans were there to support the soccer club. With the switch back to the Whitecaps name came an increase in the number of posers at games. The southsiders have since been infiltrated with a number of these staight and narrow fellows who seem to want to keep the southside organized and tame.

El Paso 2000

Darren Tilley and the late great Domenic Mobilio put on a soccer clinic and bring Vancouver back from a 2 goal defecit to win 3-2. Once again Tilley runs into a lively southside as they go crazy. I'd like to see that happen nowadays.

2000 vs Tennessee

In a continuing theme from 2000, Tilley destroys the opposition, jump into the lively Southsiders as Vancouver destroys Tennessee 7-0. No supporters group in the league could rival the Southsiders in 2000. Even today some may be larger but none will ever how the atmosphere of the 2000 Southsiders.

1980 vs Nottingham Forest

A clip from a 1980 friendly vs Nottingham Forest. Notice the packed house at old Empire Stadium.

1981 Europac Tournament

A clip of a news report on the 1981 Europac tournament. Involved in that years tournament was the Whitecaps, Seattle Sounders, Manchester United and Hajduk Split.

1983 vs Seattle Sounders.

The first ever game held in BC Place was between Vancouver and Seattle. There were over 60,000 on hand to watch Peter Beardsley pop a pair for the Whitecaps. Proof that people in any other city in Canada proclaiming their city to be the best soccer city in the country are only dreaming, liars or fools.

Southsiders invade the northside

Another clip from the 2000 season. In a rough game where the El Paso players decided they were going to be violent the Southsiders decided to congregate in the north end of the stadium for the second half as that was the end that Vancouver was attacking. This was before the club made that endzone a rich persons section. Vancouver scores and the Southsiders go wild.

Multimedia clips courtesy of Krammerheads private collection.